We offer game events with an unbeatable guarantee for fun and content!

How? By responding to the individual gaming preferences of the participants, which we determine with an elaborated, in-house developed questionnaire. Our broad experience in the organization of game events helps us to pick the most suitable games for your event. Still have some questions? We would love to visit you personally to explain our approach with a couple examples in greater depth.

Game-Matching: Finde deinen Spielpartner! Aufgrund Ihres Spielprofils berechnen wir Ihren idealen Spielpartner.
Spielbüro Classic Der individuelle Spielevent auf den Spielvorlieben der Gruppe aufgebaut.

Which game type are you?

Gaming means fun! However, the definition of what is being funny varies from individual to individual: Some like the competitive aspect in games, others might prefer the collective facet. Again others want to unfold their creativity, their brainpower or their urge for physical motion – or everything at the same time. Spielbüro helps you to capture the personal and individual gaming preferences of the participants in order to organize a customized game event.


What kind of occasions are suitable for such a game event?

From corporate events to birthday parties – Spielbüro offers an individual and playful setting for every occasion.

How many people can participate in such an event?

5 to 100. But we also accept the challenge of handling larger groups…

How long does a game event last?

This is fully depending on your needs: From one or two hours as an activity on your corporate event agenda, to a whole day for that one special occasion.

How much does such a game event cost?

The prices vary according to your arrangement. We would love to make you an offer – just contact us here.

Who organizes a suitable venue and the catering for the event?

If desired, we not only happily organize the playful program of your event, but also a convenient location, food and drinks. We can also just blend in with your own arrangements of course – it is all up to your requirements.

Do the participants have to know the games?

Absolutely not, the experienced hosts of Spielbüro lead through the individual program and explain all games in detail.

Are you “only” offering classical board games with cards and dices?

No, of course not. Our games are as individual as your team.

Short summary?

Spielbüro offers a unique, individual and moderated gaming experience for your event – including a guarantee for fun and content.