Roberto Siano

Psychologist and enthusiastic player – both in the digital and the analog spheres.

Long experience working for a consulting firm in the area of assessment, coaching, training, strategy- and manager development. Establishment of a production facility for luxury articles intended for the Arabic room.

Designing of games for the introduction of new staff, for negotiation trainings and for innovation challenges. Application of gaming mechanisms in the configuration of workshops and seminars. Installation of a Development Game Center.

Lecturer of an advanced training course entitled Games as Method for Further- and Continuing Education, Workshops, and Team Developments.


Michelle Bosshard

Psychologist and crazy about games.

Long experience in organizing and executing game events. Coaching in the field of social competencies. Work as a conductor of surveys for various academic studies.


Ivan Wider

IT specialist and collector.

Finding the much appreciated balance by regularly taking the playful paths of life. Passionate collector and gamer with an extensive game collection that wants to be played.

Enthusiastic organization of various and eclectic game events: Be it at a private home for a couple of friends, in a club, for a big neighborhood party or even in a whole castle – basically anywhere, as long as it is fun and makes new friends…